CRAVE Nicotine Toothpicks

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CRAVE Nicotine toothpicks in flavors that you truly Crave!

Crave Nicotine toothpicks come in a variety of adult flavors designed for your enjoyment and to change your taste preferences away from cigarettes. Changing your flavor association and physical habits around nicotine usage makes Crave Nicotine Toothpicks preferable to smoking.


Crave Nicotine Toothpicks come in a small round white container without flashy graphics or an illicit look. 100% of respondents in our test marketing survey felt no negative social pressure when using a Crave Nicotine Toothpick in public. Don’t let social situations such as: work, bars, restaurants, church, your kids sporting events, the golf course, the movie theater, gas stations or manufacturing jobs get in the way of your nicotine satisfaction.

Cost Effective:

Each Crave Nicotine Toothpick has 3mg of Nicotine, which is in between low dose Nicotine Gum (2mg) and regular Nicotine Gum (4mg). With the addition of better tasting flavors we feel that this mixture can replicate the effectiveness of a cigarette while lowering your overall nicotine ingestion.  If you smoke one pack a day, the Average cost per pack of cigarettes in the US is $6.50 for 20 cigarettes or $0.33 each. Crave Nicotine toothpicks are just $0.19 each putting up to one third of your nicotine money back in your wallet.

The Smell:

It’s something we all know about ourselves when we smoke. Especially when you get smoke on yourself in a closed area, you can smell the smoke strongly on your clothes. What you may not know, is just HOW bad it really is. Your sense of smell is significantly reduced while smoking cigarettes. If you are able to abstain for a long period of time from Cigarettes and you smell someone smoking, you will realize just how strong of an odor it is. Your friends and family definitely do not enjoy the smell, so for social events, Christmas or the workplace, try using our Toothpicks from the time you get out of the shower all throughout the day, and notice how much closer people want to be to you!

Nicotine in a non-permissive environment:

More and more places in daily life, we are told we can no longer smoke or use an electronic cigarette. eCigs are a wonderful innovation, but the act and appearance of a “smoke cloud” initiated an unjust societal backlash against them. Social stigma surrounding smoke and vapor has been pushed through the media to every corner of our social lives, banishing both vapers and smokers alike outside into the cold.

Crave Nicotine Toothpicks changes that for you!

Smoking is banned on Airlines, at the Gas Station, outside of a doorway, inside a Restaurant, inside a Bar, and in some states it is illegal to smoke in your own car with Children as passengers. Similarly, Ecigs are being banned in the same environments. Crave Nicotine toothpicks allow you to satisfy your Nicotine craving in these non-permissive environments without an open flame or a ban against their usage. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit through an 8 hour flight and have your Nicotine cravings satisfied?

Nicotine Strength: 3mg per ToothPick

Quantity per Pack: 50 ToothPicks

Packaging: Child Resistant Re-Seal able Container

Made in the USA

Ingredients: Synthetic Nicotine, Natural Food Flavorings in Propylene Glycol, does not include tobacco.




Additional information

Weight N/A

Butterscotch Cake, Pina Koolada, Sweet Melon, Peach Crème, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Strawberry Cheesecake, Sour Candy, Mint, Hot Cinnamon, Sweet Pineapple

9 reviews for CRAVE Nicotine Toothpicks

  1. Aleksy V

    I got the Pina Koolada, What I imagine 5 gum feels like relative to the commercials, tingling numbing sensation that I enjoy more.

  2. Michael LeMay

    Butterscotch Cake was awesome and satisfied my nic cravings.

  3. Jay M.

    Amazing flavor with just the right kick.

  4. Mark Smitka (verified owner)

    Now, I get it, and I keep coming back. I’ll be honest, and say that Crave aren’t the only picks I use, but I would say that they’re the only picks I must have around at all times. Coming from vaping and sweet pics, I was initially put off by Crave pics. These pics are probably the best match for smokers, or people who want to experience no nonsense nicotine satisfaction. Don’t twirl, chew, or get too aggressive with these pics, just let them work their magic per the instructions on the tube, and your craving WILL be satisfied. Awesome product.

  5. Jordan Thomas (verified owner)

    My favorite flavors are sweet melon and the new sour candy.

    Sour candy is probably my favorite of the two. Seriously like no other pick I’ve ever tried. Like the description says, first off your hit with a good amount of sour. Not enough to make me pucker like a sour warhead but more sour than a typical gummy worm or something. It’s the perfect amount for me. That then gives way to a really nice fruity candy flavor. It’s like a combination of every sour gummy product you can get at a convenience store, and they all hit you one after another. Cravepicks really hit it out of the park with this one. Especially for me as someone with the palate of a 9 year old.

    Compared to sour candy, sweet melon is a lot more mellow. It packs a decent punch without being overpowering. It’s like a refreshing honeydew with a fresh watermelon finish. A small bite from the nicotine but I like that. It’s not nearly as much as something like the bite tobacco dip. It’s more comparable to putting a drop of 3mg ejuice on your tounge, but a little more mild than that if memory serves.

    Whatever your vice is, crave toothpickspicks are by far the best replacements by far, by the best company in the game. Perfect if your switching over from something like oral tobacco. If your going from cigarettes/cigars or vaping it’s still really great but be aware that the absorption method is a bit different. Inhalation is the fastest method so you get hit with the nicotine immediately, as opposed to orally where the nicotine has to first travel through the mouth/throat in order to enter the bloodstream. It’ll take a minute or two longer but I promise you’ll get just as much nicotine in the end. Not only that, cigarettes specifically have a bunch of additives in them that can also be addicting, but that empty feeling will pass eventually once your body gets used to the toothpicks. If your craving your preferred form of nicotine put one of these toothpicks in your mouth and wait 15 minutes. Chances are you won’t be craving it anymore. You may still crave the habit itself but even if do give in it won’t feel as good since you already received your nicotine fix.

    I’ve tried a lot of different nicotine toothpick companies but cravepicks are by far the best out of all of them. Their picks are the hardest hitting as far as nicotine goes, they have the best prices, their customer service is outright phenomenal, they ship fast, they have a great loyalty program, stackable coupon codes, quantity discounts, crypto currency discounts, and I can go on and on.

    Pick a few flavors and put in an order. I promise you won’t regret it, because even if you do they will do anything within reason to make it right (probably even beyond that) and I know this from experience. I can’t say enough good things about this company.

  6. Blake E. F. (verified owner)

    They get the job done. Nice to chew on for a few. One gripe I had is the flavour profile. It just doesn’t seem to be there as much as I would like it to be. 50 picks though, not too shabby.

  7. Lance (verified owner)

    Since giving up tobacco these work great for a quick fix throughout the day. Not only does it satisfy the nicotine crave but also the oral fixations. Great way to ween off.

  8. Lynette Brown (verified owner)

    Love them

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)


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